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Prevent Crime using video analytics & real-time video surveillance solutions.
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Guardian Systems Inc., is a business solutions company that develops smart video surveillance technology and applies intelligent video analytics software to video monitoring systems.  Simply put, we put a brain in your camera, so you’ll know before incidents happened.  Our security systems can detect threats, emergencies and crime before it happens while being simple to install and cost effective.

Why choose Sentinel?

– It can integrate into any existing CCTV infrastructure. You don’t need to change your current cameras or equipment.
– Completely secure and closed as video analysis is done on site.
– No need to store video 24/7. Store only worthwhile events and save on storage and broadband costs.
– Workforce multiplier effect allows you to maximize your resources and save on payroll costs.
– Added functionality for operational, HR management and business intelligence needs.
– Customized solution at a fraction of the cost of other products.

Over 5 years of experience providing

Premium security solutions at the best price in the market.



Intelligent Video Analytics

Analyze video content of any CCTV source in real time for multiple purposes.


Selective Data Storage

Dramatically increase storage capacity by storing events only instead of unnecessary video.


Instant Notification

Receive instant notifications via email or text to asses and validate alerts.


Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

Protect against internal theft by controlling warehouse access and tagging valuable merchandise.


Behavior Analyzer

Identify and follow consumer trends to increase safety and profitability.


Indoor / Outdoor ready

Capable of integrating with any CCTV systems for internal use and/or perimeter control.

How can we protect your business?

Our people detection module will alert of any intruder in cellular towers and other remote locations and send mobile notification to the response team. Stop theft or metals, batteries, generators and other valuable equipment. And more.
Pharmaceuticals & Manufacturing
Secure perimeter of site with a reliable system, invulnerable to tailgating, that will not generate false alarms. Control access of personnel to clear rooms, vaults, storage and offices. Keep track of employees and visitors on site for safety evacuation purposes and more.
Government, Critical Infrastrauture & Others
Deploy in public areas to identify and catch wanted criminals (facial recognition) or stolen vehicles(ALPR).
Commercial & Retail
Identify after-hours intrusions on site, storage rooms, rooftops, offices and empty lots. Receive instant notification of customer slip-and-falls and other emergencies. Keep count of customer and vehicle traffic in real time. And more.
Hospitals & Healthcare
Avoid entry of unauthorized personnel to drug dispensary and storage areas. Tag equipment and more.
Hotels & Hospitality
Identify use of restricted or dangerous areas by guests. Receive notifications when reception or other areas are left unmanned by staff. Receive notifications when service time does not comply with expectations. Send notification to maintenance when bathrooms and other areas need service. And more.

Stop crime,

don’t just record it.

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